Blanchard Grinding Services

Lange Grinding and Machining is a high-quality grinding and machine shop Cleveland, Ohio trusts. Discover the superior precision and efficiency of our Blanchard Grinding services.

Handling Small and Large Surface Areas

Lange Grinding has 14 Blanchard Surface Grinders that range from 42” to 156” in table size. Our Blanchard Grinders are capable of handling a wide range of sizes, whether you have a small or large surface area.

Blanchard Grinding is another term for rotary surface grinding. Blanchard Grinding is ideal for both large and small parts that require both stock removal and precision. Whether you have one part or one hundred parts we have the grinding capacity to handle your needs.

Working with Various Materials

Our Blanchard Grinders and experienced employees can work with many different types of materials. We can grind a variety of ferrous metals. These include low carbon steels, alloy steels, tool steels, cast iron, and armor plates. Additionally, we can also grind non-ferrous materials such as 304 and 316 stainless steel. Regardless of the material, we’ll deliver great results for your grinding projects.

Widely Utilized Manufacturing Method

Blanchard grinding is the industry standard in abrasive stock removal manufacturing. While maintaining precision and quality standards, Blanchard Grinding efficiently removes material.

Achieving the Blanchard Crosshatch Surface Finish

The Blanchard crosshatch surface finish is achieved by using a vertical grinding spindle along with a segmented grinding wheel and a flat magnetic chuck. While the magnetic chuck rotates, it moves the workpiece beneath the segmented grinding wheel, simultaneous to the gradual descent of the grinding spindle for material removal.

Blanchard Grinding is a highly effective method of abrasive stock removal. It can quickly remove a large amount of material while also maintaining accuracy throughout the entire part.

Explore Surface Grinding for Greater Precision: Enhancing Your Projects

At Lange Grinding and Machining we offer various types of precision grinding processes. We are able to achieve tight tolerances across all our Blanchard Grinders; however, sometimes a project calls for even greater precision. If you require holding .001 or tighter tolerances, then we encourage you to visit our surface grinding page.

Explore Surface Grinding for Greater Precision: Enhancing Your Projects

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